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Printer Consumables

printer consumables

They are designed to adhere to a DTF film, allowing for high-quality and durable printing on various substrates like textiles and apparel. DTF inks come in a range of colors, including CMYK and specialty colors, and they are known for their washability and resistance to fading, making them suitable for custom and commercial printing applications.

These films serve as the medium for DTF printing. In the DTF process, ink is directly printed onto these films, which are then used to transfer the design onto textiles and other substrates using a heat press. DTF films are crucial for achieving vibrant and detailed prints on various materials. They often have a coating to enhance ink adhesion and are available in different thicknesses to suit specific printing needs.

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The machine is very user-friendly, improving production efficiency, and after-sales service is also good.

B**f- 15th. Feb.2022

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The service is very good, and the packaging is also good. It’s just that the shipment was a bit slow.

A**7- 21st. Aug.2022

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