XCY- D602s

New powder shaker
Model: D602s DTF printer

  • Print Head: 2/4 print heads
  • Printing width: 600mm
  • Max Speed: Dual Print: 12m2/h
  • Max Speed: Four Print: 24m2/h
  • Automatic moisturizing function
  • High definition
  • Power leakage protection
dtf d602s

Product Description

d602s description

Machine Parameter

Product ModelXCY-D602S
Print HeatEpson i3200/ XP600(2/4 print heads)
Printing TechnologyPiezoelectric inkjet
Acceptable MediaWidth Thickness: 620mm/ Maximm 39 mil(1 mm)
Printing Width600 MM
Ink CartridgesType Capacity Color: Transfer Pigment Ink
Continual Ink Supply System(220ml)
CMYK+W / CMYK+W+Fm Fo Fy Fg / CMYK+W+Rd Gr Bl Or
Applicable MediumTransfer film
Color ManageICC or density curve
Media Heating SystemPowder & color fixing machine
RIP SoftwareMain top & PhotoPrint
Power Supply50HZ/60HZ, 200V/110V/10A
EnvironmentTemperature: 20°C to 28°C
Humidity: 65% to 75%
Printer Dimensions(With Stand)L1840mm*W780mm*H1400mm
Packing DimensionsL1900mm*W930mm*H1320mm
Model60 Powder Shaker (New Upgrade)
Media Width0-600MM
Applicable MediumNylon,Chemical Fiber,Cotton,Leather,Swimwear,Wetsuit,PVC,EVA,etc.
Powder ControlPowder shake control.powder control,powder direction and volume control
Heating & Drying FunctionMulti-stage heating system,drying,cold air fan function
Rewind FunctionAutomatic induction winding
Electrical ParametersRated Voltage:110V/220V
Rated Power:3.42KW, Power Consumption:1KW-2.5KW
Powder Shaker Size840*1100*mm(Built-in smoke filter)

Product Details

Sprinkler free installation

Automatically moisturize online

THK mute guide

Electric pinch roller control systems

Built-in purification

Vibrating sieve powder

Automatic powder return

Automatic film threading