Special for DTF Printing


Model: DTF Ink C202
Color: C, M, Y, K, LC, LM, FP, FY, O, G
Volume: 1000ml


Heat transfer and Direct to Film printing both make use of DTF Transfer ink. This DTF Transfer ink formulation can lessen dryness and print head clogging. It can directly print, requiring no hand-feeling and enabling mass manufacturing of digital textile printing.

Elevate your printing standards with our DTF Transfer Ink, ensuring vivid colors and an impressive level of detail, creating eye-catching prints that leave a lasting impression.

Product Description

direct ink

Xincleap DTF Pigment Ink is created purely for DTF printers.

Xincleap DTF pigment ink can be applied to many textiles, light and dark.

Good whiteness and covering with white ink High density of color, bright color result
Soft hand feeling, excellent tensile property and resilienceDry rubbing, wet rubbing and perspiration fastness 4-5 grade
 High resolution after printing

Available in many colors

white 1000ml

White 1000ML

ink magenta

Magenta 1000ML

blue ink 1000ml

Cyan 1000ML

black 1000ml

Black 1000ML

yellow ink

Yellow 1000ML

ink sample

Effect Comparison

High-quality products are not afraid of comparison.

delivering a high degree of reduction and delicately detailed picture

√ Strong sense of hierarchy , bright colors                                              × Poor color , poor texture

exceptional quality and guarantee of a strong sense of hierarchy

√ High degree of reduction , delicate picture                                    × Poor transfer rate , Pattern have burr

Applications of DTF inks

Xincleap DTF pigment ink can be used in Epson printers as well as professional DTF printer machines.






Jean jacket

Other equipment and accessories

DTF Accessories including DTF textile inks, DTF shaking powder and PET Film. Xincleap offers high quality accessories for DTF printing with affordable price.

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