Flat Heat Press Machine XYT-04

Most advanced and latest printing technology
Model: XYT- 04


Temp Range: 0-399°C
Temp Range: 0-999S
Max Model specifications: 60cm*80cm

  • Pneumatic Compression System
  • Double Drum Heating
  • Imported Heating Tube

Product Description

Double-station Hydraulic Heat Transfer Press Machine

Advantage of Xincleap Rotary Heat Press

Flat heat transfer presses are the perfect solution for small business involved in heat transfer of inkjet and other transfer papers.


High pressure resistant thickened wall pipe, good sealing, No oil leakage,no pressure relief and durable.

Safe and Durable

The current carries is large,Heat dissipation fast,stable performance.


Simple stainless steel control panel,digital display control, Accurate temperature and time,easy to understand.


The machine is durable,no welding, no deformation, high elastic spring makes the pressure even.

Explore creativity with our Manual High Pressure Flat Heat Transfer Press Machine. Versatile and practical, it prints on various fabrics, making it perfect for personalized T-shirts and cultural shirts.
Model (CM)Voltage (V)Power (KW)Speed/hour
Temp (°C)Pressure of work
Packing Size(CM)

Details Of Machine

1. Intelligent touch screen digital temp & time control display in a panel.
2. The radiation pipe and the heater plate in whole,safe,durable,and distribute heat averagely.
3. Free to adjust the pressure,widely used in the factory assembly line operation.
4. Adopt IC board, touch buttons, electromagnetic switch and ON/OFF timer, providing elegant appearance and high reliability.
5. 6mm aluminum worktable,automatic rotating movement.
6. Automatic control,even and stable pressure (pressure up to 8KG/CM2).
7. Automatic/Manual mode for option.
8. Imported teflon sheet covers the heating platens,its surface with anti-crushing, safe and rationalized.

Characteristic Of flat heat press Machine

The t-shirt heat press machine with auto open feature for avoiding over-heating and ruined the T shirts and other sublimation blanks.

Discover efficiency and convenience
1. High density of heating board.
2. Digital Control Panel.
3. Affordable, better printing effect.
4. Spring-Add device and a thicker heating board guarantee a perfect print.
5. Real-time display of temperature with an automatic alarm.
6. Easy to adjust the pressure and easy to operate.
7. Improved structure of pressure ensures the evenness of pressing the materials.condition

What You Can Print With Hydraulic Sliding Double-station Heat Press Machine!

Hydraulic sliding double-station heat press machine can transfer the sublimation and solvent base ink to cotton, linen, chemical fiber and nylon fabrics or ceramics.





Printed umbrella

Bedroom set

Vacuum cup

T- Shirt



Other equipment and accessories

DTF Accessories including DTF textile inks, DTF shaking powder and PET Film. Xincleap offers high quality accessories for DTF printing with affordable price.

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