Powder for DTF Printer


DTF print powder from Xincleap is made specifically for use with DTF film printing.

  • 100% of ink absorption
  • Soft feel and good resilienc
  • Spot second delivery
  • The powder is clean
Elevate your printing standards with our DTF Transfer Ink, ensuring vivid colors and an impressive level of detail, creating eye-catching prints that leave a lasting impression.

Product Description

The key to durable and brilliant designs.

XINCLEAP DTF Hot Melt Powder Paramerter is created purely for DTF printers.

DTF Hot melt powder are specially designed to use with DTF Film Printing. Our DTF powders are slow drying and easy to cold tear. it is often used as a high-quality hot-melt adhesive in other industries.

DTF Hot melt powder is suitable for all textile printing industryDTF Hot Melt Powder is a finely ground adhesive materials specifically manufactured to increase heat transfer opacity and adhesion
It is a green product that is harmless to the human bodyGood chemical stability, can be stored at room temperature for a long time without deterioration


DTF Powder
DTF Hot melt powder are specially designed to use with DTF Film Printing. Xincleap DTF powders are slow drying and easy to cold tear.Breathable DTF powder provides a more breathable print with a smooth feel and softness
Anti-Sublimation PowderAnti sublimation powder on the DTF printing(direct to film machine)Products, Black powder is more suitable for Dark fabrics, White powder for Light ones.
Shake up your printing game with our DTF Powder.
Discover the power of anti-sublimation with DTF Powder.


Product NameDTF Hot Melt  Powder/Anti-sublimation Powder
Size Of Granule80-170um
Dry ConditionNatural Wind, Hot Air By Machine
Melting Range105-132 °C
Bonding Temperature100-120 °C
Hot Stamping Time8-15S
Bonding Pressure1.5-2 kg/cm2
Resistance To Laundry40-50ºC
Peeling MethodCold Peeling Ot Hot Peeling
Warranty12 Months
ApplicationCotton,Textiles,Fabric,Blend,Clothing.Leather Etc
Unleash your creativity with DTF Powder for hot melt adhesive, bronzing, flocking, and more.

Which DTF Hot Melt Powder  should you choose?

High-quality products are not afraid of comparison.

Elevate your screen printing with our anti-sublimation powder.

Versatile applications for creative brilliance.

Versatile applications for creative brilliance.

√ High degree of reduction , delicate picture                           × Poor transfer rate , Pattern have burrs

Applications of DTF Hot Melt Powder

Xincleap DTF hot melt powder is used in the printing of various textiles, leather, paper, wood, and other materials and the preparation of various glues.





Printed umbrella

Bedroom set

Vacuum cup

T- Shirt



Other equipment and accessories

DTF Accessories including DTF textile inks, DTF shaking powder and PET Film. Xincleap offers high quality accessories for DTF printing with affordable price.

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