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Direct-To-Garment Printing: A Sustainable & Eco-Friendly Technology

Discover why DTG printing is regarded as one of the textile industry’s greenest techniques.

For Cotton Fabrics

Extremely effective on cotton and all blended cotton fibers; best used on t-shirts.

Instant Print

No need to create a screen; print straight from the computer.

High Color Reproduction

Up to 90% color replication and computer-generated color correction.

Less Waste

water-based pigment inks with a high water content, biodegradable breakdown, and low volatile organic compound emissions.

dtg machine
DTG- Pro II Single station

Model: XCY- DTG Single station

dtg printer machine
DTG- Pro II Dual station

Model: SCY- DTG Double station

Incredible Overall Value!

  • Pretreatment Machine
  • Pigment Ink: 1000ml*6 (C M Y K +W )
  • Pretreatment Liquid: 5KG*2 (For Light & Dark Shirts))
  • 100% Cotton T-shirts Blank
  • Standard kit
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DTG printer overview 2/4

DTG Printing Guidelines and Best Practices Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing guidelines and best practices involve several key considerations to ensure high-quality results:Design file requirements and guidelines for DTG printingBest practices to optimize designs for DTG printing qualityMaintenance and care tips for DTG printers Preparation: In order to improve ink adherence, make sure the clothing is clean…

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DTG Printer

Introduction to DTG Printing Technology DTG printing prints graphics directly into clothing using specialist inkjet technology. It can be used for complicated designs because, unlike traditional methods, it doesn’t require displays or setup for multiple colors. Talk about how DTG is transforming the way that clothing is decorated by enabling intricate, full-color prints, particularly for…

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Benefits of Sublistar DTG

What are the advantages and disadvantages of DTG printing?

On-Demand Print Capability

Simple operating procedures and simple setup procedures allow staffs to take short-term orders and deliver in small batches, Colorful products also can be personalization.

Zero Setup

Unlike other conventional printing techniques like screen printing, DTG clothing printing doesn’t require any setup time and may produce results nearly instantaneously. This is a big benefit because it allows for very instantaneous shipping of modest orders.

Sharp, Vibrant Images

The DTX-I produces high-resolution images up to 2400 dpi and is outfitted with a precise table height adjustment mechanism, a high-precision carriage, and trimmable plates. The Italian DEVStudio DTG RIP program produces colors that are brighter and more accurate.

Nice Texture

With DTG printing, you can affordably acquire high-quality screen-printed products without the cheap, sticky feel.

Features of Xincleap DTG

? The DTG- Pro II features automatic standby maintenance and a wake-up feature.

? Automatic height recognition and a timed white ink circulation mechanism work together to keep the nozzle from getting scratched.

? Negative pressure ink delivery system helps keep ink supply steady and lower clogging frequency

? DTG printer beginning cleaning mode: To guarantee that the nozzle is in good condition

? Platens with Auto Height Adjustment and Quick Change

? Intelligent alarm ink tank, the cartridge alarm system is set up to protect the machine, When the ink is below the limit, it will automatically alarm.

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