How does the choice of ink determine the work of the printer?

As an integral part of the printer,ink plays a big role in the output effect. It is important to choose good quality digital printing ink. But it does not mean that as long as you use good quality ink, you can have a good printing effect. It is also necessary to integrate various factors,such as:printer working status, media status, working environment, operation and maintenance, etc.The nozzle is a very important factor. The nozzle and the ink interact and promote each other.

Different printer nozzles have different material types, internal channels, and nozzle diameters. Different inks correspond to different waveforms. It is mainly determined by the flow rate of the ink, the viscosity of the ink, and the value of the ink density. Most of the current nozzles have flexible waveforms to adapt to different inks. But for the same nozzle, the ink needs to match the characteristics of the nozzle itself. Otherwise, it will not only directly affect the printing effect, but also directly block the nozzle. When the nozzle is clogged, the printed pattern will usually have problems such as broken lines and color fading. This greatly affects printing results.

Therefore, it is best to use the specified ink provided by the manufacturer for the ink. On the one hand, it can have a better printing effect and extend the service life of the nozzle to the maximum extent. Reduce the amount of waste ink and reduce printing costs, so customers will have a stronger competitive advantage. On the other hand, when a problem occurs, the manufacturer’s after-sales service can provide accurate and effective technical services directly according to the problem. If there is a problem with other inks in the ink system, it will affect the diagnosis of after-sales technical problems. Thereby wasting the time cost of the customer and affecting the normal production of the customer.

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