Roller Heat Transfer Machine XCY-01

​Sublimation Comprehensive Solution

1.Transfer both pieces and rolls, easy accessibility of material.
2.The pre-cut pieces are easily placed because of the working table.
3.Easy to operate, simple setting of speed, temperature and pressure.
4.The transferred are easily collected from the machine because of the conveyor belt.

  • Electrical
  • High Quality Motor
  • Pneumatic Compressino
Roller Heat Sublimation Machine

Product Description

This cutting-edge heat press offers easy transfer for both pieces and rolls, simplified operation, and advanced safety features

Advantage of Xincleap Rotary Heat Press

Rotary Heat Transfer Machine is Widely applicalbel to all kind of cloth roll to roll  , pieces, shoes and hats, handicrafts, gifts and so on.Xincleap can provide the appropriate  and practical heat transfer machine solution for our customers.

Anti-hand Pressure Safety Function

When the machine is operating, you need to adjust the fabric and sublimation paper, which can help you prevent your fingers from being pressed.

Automatic drum blanket alignment

This heat transfer machine is small and affordable. And blanket is made of American DuPont materials, 10 mm thickness, good transfer effect, long service life.

Electrical control

High quality digital display, temperature, time control, and higher accuracy.

Pneumatic pressurization / hydraulic pressure function

The printing effect is better, the color is deeper and brighter.

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NameRoller DIM
Wdith Entrance
AUTOMATIC ROLLER HEAT TRANSFER MACHINE4201200110/220/38018kw0-400120-180m/h380x180x140900
Pneumatic Compression System:High quality pressure shaft to make the machine’s operation more steady and higher efficiency of transfer printing.
Double Drum Heating:The drum’s oil temperature heating,the heating is more evenly, transfer printing without color difference, more power-saving.
Conductivity is More Stable:Maintenance-free integrated conductance ring,the conductivity is more stable.
Imported Heating Tube:The heat transfer oil will heat the oil layer directly, it can heat up to 200 degrees in 45 minutes.
High Quality Motor:Active rolling technology the roller drives the blanket directly, the transfer printing is excellent and stable.
Introducing our Pneumatic Compression System, featuring a high-quality pressure shaft for steady and efficient transfer printing. With double drum heating,

Machine Features

Advanced temperature control system, small temperature fluctuations, sensitive and accurate temperature control.
Advanced electric-heat reverse function, uniform temperature around and around.
The use of high temperature resistant blankets by the Shanghai DuPont Joint Venture Company has flat blankets and low shrinkage.
With blanket and heat roller separation function, no cooling.
Teflon coating on the surface of hot roll, high temperature resistance, anti-static, long life.
Our heat press machine boasts advanced features, including a precise temperature control system for consistent and accurate printing

What You Can Print With Automatic Roller Heat Transfer Machine!

It is designed for production and sampling, especially has advantage in pre-cut pieces transfer, and it is simple to operate. Customers can add more functions to the machine and optimize it according to their own requirements and our digital printing solutions.



Thickened printed sweater


Cartoon sunshade umbrella

Printed umbrella

Bedroom set