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Your Top Source for DTF Printers! You’ve come to the correct site if you’re looking for cutting-edge direct to film (DTF) printing technology.Our wide selection of DTF printers are the ideal option for companies and people looking for top-notch printing solutions because of their amazing quality, adaptability, and performance.

Our carefully curated assortment and trained support staff make it possible for you to choose the appropriate DTF printer, no matter if you are a seasoned professional or are just beginning your DTF printing journey. Explore our inventory and discover the future of vivid, high-resolution printing today!” You should read this ‘How to Choose the Right DTF Printer for Your Business?’if you wish to start your own printing company using DTF transfer printing.

DTF Printer for small business
The best DTF printer for beginners and small businesses. The Xincleap Desktop Min DTF printer transmits excellent printing on A4, Desktop Min size at a lesser cost because it is outfitted with an EPSON XP600 printhead and a fully automated tiny shaker. Select the most economical DTF printer to increase your printing company’s earnings.
DTF Desktop Printer designed specifically
DTF Desktop Printer Heat Transfer PET Film Printing Machine

Model: XCY-Desktop Min

s302 dtf printer
12” Dual Heads I3200/XP600 DTF PET Film Printing Machine

Model: XCY-S302

24″ Four Heads DTF PET Film Printing Machine with Powder Shaker

Model: XCY- D604

1205 dtf banner
48” Five Heads DTF PET Film Printing Machine

Model: XCY-D1205

A3 DTF Heat Transfer Printing Machine with Powder Shaker
12” Dual Heads XP600 DTF PET Film Printing Machine

Model: XCY-D302

12” Dual Heads I3200/XP600 DTF PET Film Printing Machine

Model: XCY-Y0230

Advanced White Ink Circulation System can be used to transfer print onto the garment.
24” Dual Heads I3200/TX800 DTF PET Film Printing Machine

Model: XCY-D0260

With DTF Supplies and Accessories, grow your printing company

Find out more DTF printing supplies and accessories from Xincleap company.

Your DTF-printed products can be more enjoyable if you use Xincleap’s high-quality, affordable, and long-lasting DTF supplies & DTF consumables. Want to start a profitable printing company with little capital outlay? Xincleap is always available to assist you. DTF Ink, DTF PET Film, DTF Hot Melt Powder, and DTF cutter are some of our Xincleap DTF solutions.

DTF Hot Melt Powder

DTG technology requires pre-treatment, whereas DTF does not.The most crucial element is DTF Powder. DTF powders are created specifically for use with DTF printing. There is 1kg of powder each pack. Our DTF powders are easy to cold rip and have a slow drying time. It will aid in achieving fantastic transfer printing effects.

When heat is applied, the DTF Hot Melt Powder melts and attaches to the ink on the film, fortifying the bond between the pattern and the fabric. This method enables the printing of high-quality, full-color graphics on a range of fabric types and is frequently utilized in the custom apparel and textile industries.

Unlock printing possibilities with our versatile DTF Powder.
Enhance heat transfer printing with our DTF Powder.

Our film is designed to bring your designs to life with unparalleled clarity and brilliance. With its smooth texture and exceptional adhesion properties, our DTF Pet Film ensures your transfers are not only vivid but also long-lasting.

We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate your specific project needs, from small custom designs to large-scale productions. Plus, our competitive prices and quick shipping options make it easier than ever to stock up on the supplies you need. Join the countless satisfied customers who rely on [Your Company Name] for top-notch DTF pet film, and discover the difference in your printing projects today. Make the smart choice and start creating exceptional prints with our DTF pet film – order now!

DTF Textile Ink

We are proud to provide a large range of DTF textile ink choices, all of which are designed for peak performance and outstanding outcomes. Our inks are ideal for printing on a variety of materials, including mixes, cotton, and polyester. Our commitment to producing exceptional products is what makes us unique. Rich, durable colors that don’t fade or crack are provided by our DTF inks, so your designs will continue to look sharp and colorful over time. Personalized gifts, promotional items, or custom clothes may all be printed with ease using our inks, which are made to produce prints of high quality.

Less than 300nm(<0.3um). Washing fastness 4-5 grade, dry rubbing fastness 4-5 grade, wet rubbing fastness 4-5 grade, light fastness 4-5 grade.


DTF Printer Fluorescent Film: Unleash Your Creativity!

Why is the DTF printer so popular?
  • Strong applicability and wide range of uses.
  • Excellent color retention and wash fastness.
  • Low operating threshold.
  • More cost effective.

Only 5 simple steps are required to use a DTF printer to print on a T-shirt:

  1. Print the design;
  2. Spread powder;
  3. Melt and dry;
  4. Cut to piece;
  5. Heat press.

What Can You Make with DTF Printing?

A new multipurpose printing process called DTF printing is appropriate for practically any kind of fabric. works on textiles that are dark or white. Pre-treatment is not necessary.

  • T-Shirts & Sweatshirts
  • Hoodies & Pullovers
  • Pants & Leggings
  • Canvas & Denim
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Shoes
  • and more……

Why Xincleap DTF?

All Services In One Place

Onboarding Service

Our team of pros is committed to providing video and screen sharing services so that you may quickly set up and print.

On/offline Training Support

We offer our global clientele free online training, crucial after-sale support, and on-site coaching. A variety of video packages are offered as training aids.

“Heads and All” Warranty

For print heads, we offer a complimentary three to six month guarantee, and all printers come with a standard 24-month warranty. For further piece of mind, you can also extend the warranty.

Buy 1 Get More

For print heads, we offer a complimentary three to six month guarantee, and all printers come with a standard 24-month warranty. For further piece of mind, you can also extend the warranty.

One-stop printing solutions

We provide a broad selection of ecologically friendly inks and varnishes, as well as print media made for different printing requirements. You will receive a completed product with nice hand, outstanding color gamut, and high wash fastness when you use our supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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The least expensive direct-to-film printer in terms of upkeep.

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Heavy professional production machine. Can be used 24/7.

dtf shirt

prints on all types of textiles. Cotton, TriBlends, Polyester, and 50/50 Fabrics.

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