Flat Heat Press Machine XYT-03

Most advanced and latest printing technology
Model: XYT- 03


Temp Range: 0-399°C
Temp Range: 0-999S
Max Model specifications: 60cm*80cm

  • Pneumatic Compression System
  • Double Drum Heating
  • Imported Heating Tube

Product Description

automation with our high-grade Pneumatic Heat Press Machine

Advantage of Xincleap Rotary Heat Press

Single station pneumatic heat press machine also save power,and can press product of several centimeters thick with balanced pressure and convenient operation.

Digital Control

It makes working procedure complete situation uses signal indication,has the high accuracy.

Safe and Durable

The radiation pipe and the hot plate in whole,safe,durable,and distribute heat averagely.

Automatic control

Automatic control,even and stable pressure (pressure up to 8KG/CM2)

Stable and low noise

Stable running,deforming free and low noise.

Safe and rationalized

Using special security devices,the machine is anti-crushing, safe and rationalized.

Elegant appearance & high reliability

Adopt IC board, touch buttons, electromagnetic switch and ON/OFF timer,providing elegant appearance and high reliability.

Explore creativity with our Manual High Pressure Flat Heat Transfer Press Machine. Versatile and practical, it prints on various fabrics, making it perfect for personalized T-shirts and cultural shirts.
Model (CM)Voltage (V)Power (KW)Time Range (S)Temp (°C)Work bench size (CM)Packing Size(CM)

Details Of Machine

  • Electronic digital display has constant temperature control and high accuracy, (+ 2 c).
  • The imported aluminum alloy is used for heating, and the heat conduction principle is adopted, which saves electricity, temperature is uniform and temperature coefficient is small.
  • Electronic digital time control, high accuracy and beautiful.
  • Pressure random adjustment.
high-grade heat transfer equipment.

Characteristic Of Single Station Pneumatic Heat Press Machine

It is suitable for all heat transfer printing, thermal dye sublimation, hot fix rhinestone, bronzing, impressing and flocking, and foaming for clients with big orders.

Elevate your printing game with our Manual High Pressure Flat Heat Transfer Press Machine. Its stable temperature and ergonomic design ensure ease of use and exquisite patterns.
  • The operation controlled by digital, working procedure complete situation uses signal indication,has the high accuracy.
  • The radiation pipe and the hot plate is whole safe,durable,and the thermal energy distribute averagely;
  • Free to adjust the pressure ,widely used in the factory assembly line operation;
  • Manual and automatic control,pull-out worktable,easy operation,high printing speed.
  • Surrounding design is adopted for special tube of heating panel,ensuring uniform heating.
  • Specially treated working table is suitable for printing products for sublimating,heat transfer printing and gilding.

What You Can Print With Single Station Pneumatic Heat Press Machine!

Xincleap pull-out single station pneumatic heat press machine can transfer the color patterns and words of sublimation and solvent ink to cotton, hemp, chemical fiber, nylon and other fabrics and ceramic products.





Printed umbrella

Bedroom set

Vacuum cup

T- Shirt



Incredible Overall Value!

We have a complete logistics department to ensure timely delivery of our products. And there are 24-hour after-sales personnel waiting at any time, no matter which country you are in the world, you can get a timely response from us if you have any after-sales problems.

12 Months Warranty

Within I year from the date of purchase. if the machine has non-man-made damage,you can enjoy free warranty.


Starter kit pack including DTF Film,DTF Inks,hot melt Powder and the instruction.

Comprehensive transportation safety assurance

We have over 10 years of export experience and extensive shipping experience in various products and equipment, ensuring that each product can reach your hands completely


Rip Software

Nam libero tempore,cum soluta nobis est Buy a machine and you will get a $500 worth of rip softwarefor free.CADlink SAl FLEXI,Acrorip,Main Top for option.

24h Online Technical Support

The expert team will serve you online and
solve any problems you encounter timely.

Equipment commissioning

Before exporting each device, we will conduct a complete limit test to ensure its complete performance.

Other equipment and accessories

DTF Accessories including DTF textile inks, DTF shaking powder and PET Film. Xincleap offers high quality accessories for DTF printing with affordable price.

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