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A Novel Approach for Immediate Transfer on Hard Substrates: UV DTF

Cold transfer printing, a recent innovation, is UV DTF printing. The primary benefit of this technique is its ability to transfer straight to the substrate without the need for extra processing after printing.

Suitable For All Hard Substrates

substrates made of hard materials like plastic, metal, glass, and wood, etc.

Instant Cold Transfer Print

Without any additional preparation, directly affixed to the substrate to be transferred.

Easy Operation

Simply rip off the base paper, place the transfer paper on the material, press, and release the trapped air, and your printing is complete.

Widely Application

Patterns, logos, and characters from a variety of products can be printed on hard materials and in any complex hue using a UV printer.

1016 series uv printer
UV flat printer Datasheet

Model: XCY- UV1016

1209 series uv printer
UV cylinder+plane printer Datasheet

Model: XCY- UV1209

1613 series uv printer
UV flat printer Datasheet

Model: XCY- UV1613

2513 series uv printer
UV flat printer Datasheet

Model: XCY- UV2513

2513 g6 series uv printer
UV flat printer Datasheet

Model: XCY- UV2513-G6

3002 series uv printer
UV flat printer Datasheet

Model: XCY- UV3002

3220 series uv printer
UV flat printer Datasheet

Model: XCY- UV3220

6042 series uv printer
UV flat printer Datasheet

Model: XCY- UV6042

6096 series uv printer
UV flat printer Datasheet

Model: XCY- UV6090

9060 series uv
UV cylinder+plane printer Datasheet

Model: XCY- UV9060

UV DTF Printer

UV DTF Printer

Model: XCY- S0360

UV DTF Printer

Model: XCY- S0230

Application areas

Particularly in the realm of commercial and industrial printing, UV printers are frequently utilized for producing 3D relief printing effects. These printers enable the development of raised or textured surfaces on printed materials by curing ink with ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Here’s how 3D relief printing effects are printed with UV printers:

display drawing
3D Relief Printing Effects
  • UV printers are capable of printing ink in layers on a substrate. The printer may produce a three-dimensional impression by adding more layers of UV ink, layering up the ink to form a raised or textured surface. It’s common practice to mimic embossing or debossing effects with this stacking method.
  • Texture Effects: To produce relief effects, UV printers can use specific UV ink that has texture additions, such white and transparent inks. These inks can provide the appearance of raised braille-like surfaces, leather, or even wood grain.
  • Varnishes and Coatings: To improve the relief effect, UV printers can also apply varnishes and coatings that have undergone UV cured. These coatings can be applied selectively to specific regions of the print, giving particular design components more depth and texture.
  • personalization: A great deal of personalization is possible with UV printing. For their particular applications, designers and print specialists might experiment with various ink formulations, stacking strategies, and textures to obtain the appropriate 3D relief effects.
Combining UV printing and laminating
  • UV Resistance: UV laminating films are designed to protect printed materials from ultraviolet (UV) light, which can cause inks to fade over time. Combining UV printing with UV-resistant laminating film ensures the longevity of your prints when exposed to sunlight.
  • Enhanced Durability: UV printing is already very resilient to deterioration, but laminating it makes it even more so. The extra layer of protection offered by the laminating film keeps the printed material safe from fading, dampness, and scratches.
  • Gloss or Matte Finish: Laminating films come in various finishes, such as glossy or matte. This allows you to customize the appearance of your printed materials and achieve the desired look and texture.
for uv page
glass uv page
Low Investment & High Return
  • Equipment Costs: UV printers are available in various sizes and capacities, with corresponding variations in price. The exact model you select will determine how much you have to invest initially. In order to purchase the UV printer, think about your financing choices and budget.
  • Diversification of Services: To increase your revenue streams and draw in a larger clientele, think about providing a variety of UV printing services for items like labels, packaging, signage, promotional items, and more.
  • In conclusion, a UV printer’s return on investment is contingent upon a number of variables, such as your company’s business plan, consumer demand, and operational effectiveness. To calculate your possible return and make an informed choice. If you would want our expert experience, you may opt to contact us, and we will provide you with a solution that is suitable for your area.

Know the Key features of UV DTF

uv epson head

Epson PrecisionCore® Printhead Technology

Using Epson’s latest printhead technology is simply amazing. And, with print resolutions up to 1800 dpi, text and line art is extremely sharp and clear.

LED air-cooled UV curing device

UV curing device allows the UV ink to cure quickly during the printing process with no drying times. Easy to use, time-saving, more productive, and a nice presenting impact in the end.

Laminating roller temperature control system

A steady and consistent printing method called AB film printing can be easily achieved with the help of the front and rear temperature control systems.

4 Colors + White & Varnish Print Simultaneously

For crisp, colorful prints with lots of detail and clarity, print color, white, and varnish at the same time.

Tension Rewinding & unwinding system

There’s no need to worry about AB films’ elastic deformation because the tension system makes AB film printing more stable.

How Does UV DTF Printing Work?

UV printing is a printing method where inks are dried or cured using ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The primary benefit of UV printing is that it enables direct printing on a large range of substrates, such as glass, ceramics, metals, textiles, and plastics. This eliminates the need for transfer paper and a heat press, saving both time and money.
An expansion of UV printing is UV DTF. It can be applied to substrates that cannot be directly printed by UV light, such as alien objects, within cups, on walls, etc. It is printed by UV light on sticker film and transferred to nearly any substrate, including ceramics, glass, metal, marble, leather, plastic, etc.

uv printer final product
cutton uv
uv sample
uv tea botton

UV DTF Applications

The range of UV DTF applications continues to expand. UV DTF printers can print patterns, logos and characters of various complex colors and hard materials with regular and irregular shapes.

◽ Ceramic ◽ Glass ◽ Plastic ◽ Stainless Steel ◽ Metal ◽ TPU & PVC ◽ Wood ◽ Leather ◽ Acrylic ◽ Crystal ◽ and more……

The highest quality UV DTF starter kit for free.
The UV DTF Starter Kit includes:
UV DTF A film: 1 roll (300mm/600mm100m)
UV DTF B film: 1 rolls (300mm/600mm100m)
UV DTF Ink: 1set (1000ml*6 c,m,y,k,w,gl)
Xincleap UV DTF Rip Software
Xincleap UV DTF Instructional VideoBenefits of Sublistar DTF

uv access

1 Year Warranty

If the machine exhibits non-man-made damage within two years of the date of purchase, you are eligible for free warranty service.

Starter Kit for Beginners

Kit starter consisting of UV DTF PET film, UV DTF inks, cleaning agents, and instruction manual


Rip Software

If you purchase a machine, you will receive complimentary software worth $300.

Online Technical Support

The knowledgeable staff will assist you online and offer free solutions for any issues you run into.

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