What are the specific advantages of digital printing?

Digital printing is a new way of printing.It conforms to the current trend of personalization,fashion and ever-changing consumption.It has become the fastest growing field in the printing and dyeing industry in recent years.With the continuous decline in the cost of digital printing machine, the replacement speed of digital printing is gradually accelerating. Digital printing can turn virtual products on the Internet into real products. At the same time, it has the advantages of low cost, small batch, fast response and high quality. Compared with traditional production, it has absolute advantages.

Digital printing does not require making a printed pattern plate. This saves the purchase of equipment and materials, as well as the space for making printed pattern boards. Traditional printing makes printed pattern boards, which require color separation and sketching before production. In contrast, digital printing requires neither a sketch nor a printed pattern board. This creates the conditions for fast delivery.

In the traditional printing process, every time a set of colors is printed, waste color paste will be produced. These waste colorants are difficult to reuse, which increases the cost of sewage treatment. Digital printing does not need to prepare color paste. Save the space, facilities and dyes needed to prepare the color paste. And no matter what pattern is printed, the ink used is the same, but a small amount of waste ink will be produced.

One of the biggest advantages of digital printing is that it can meet the production needs of any small batch customers. In order to meet the needs of customers to develop new patterns, there is no backlog of sales. The delivery time of most small batch digital printing is only 2-3 days or less. You can even complete the urgent proofing on the same day.

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