Why Epson Printhead Stands Out in DTF Printing?

Why Epson Printhead Stands Out in DTF Printing?

The printhead is a crucial component of a DTF (Direct-to-Film) printer, significantly impacting the overall performance and print quality. Among the various options available, Epson printheads have gained widespread popularity in the DTF printing market due to their exceptional features and capabilities.

EPSON TX800: High-Precision Printing and Cost-Effectiveness

With EPSON WF-13200/xp600, High definition printing pattern.

The EPSON TX800 printhead is highly regarded for its high-precision printing capabilities. Utilizing micro-piezo technology and Variable Size Dot Technology (VSDT), it achieves superior positioning accuracy by rapidly ejecting up to 50,000 ink drops per second. This precise control ensures that ink drops are sprayed straight, resulting in excellent placement accuracy. Additionally, the TX800 is a cost-effective option, making it an ideal choice for small DTF printers without compromising on print quality and stability.

XP600: Fast Output and Affordable Solution
The XP600 printhead stands out for its ability to offer fast output and image quality in a more budget-friendly package. With a 6-color print channel and conventional output scheme of CMYK+CM or CMYK+LCLM, it is typically used in small desktop DTF printers capable of 7-color printing. Though it may have slightly less resolution and durability than the EPSON I series printheads, the XP600 remains a widely accepted choice in the market due to its moderate stability and competitive price point.

EPSON I3200 and I3200-A1: High Durability and Large Format Printing
For larger-format DTF printing, the EPSON I3200 and I3200-A1 printheads offer robust and reliable options. These printheads feature high durability and compatibility with a wide range of inks, including dye and pigment inks. With the ability to selectively eject a range of drop sizes, they ensure fast output and exceptional image quality, meeting the demands of high-resolution prints. Their micro piezo technology makes them resistant to heat-induced functional degradation, making them ideal for extended use.


In conclusion, Epson printheads, such as the TX800, XP600, I3200, and I3200-A1, have emerged as the preferred choice for DTF printing due to their high-precision capabilities, flexible droplet control, fast output, and exceptional durability. Each printhead model caters to specific printing needs, offering a wide range of options for DTF printers to achieve high-quality and efficient prints. Epson’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer support further solidifies its position as a reliable and innovative choice for DTF printing, making Epson printheads the go-to option for businesses and individuals seeking top-tier performance and quality in the world of DTF printing.

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